Founded initially as the Agricultural Material Transportation and Construction Services Complex Xuan Thuy in 1984, the company officially operated as a corporation under the new name Nam Cuong Corporation Limited Liability Company since December 20, 2007. In August 2009, it changed its trading name to Nam Cuong Corporation Joint Stock Company in accordance with the business registration license number 0702001435 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Nam Dinh Province. Its headquarters is located at Lot 24, Dong A Street, Hoa Vuong Urban Area, Nam Dinh City.

Over the course of more than 30 years of formation and development, adhering to the founder's vision and sustainable business principles for the community, Nam Cuong Corporation has maintained its commitment to Reputation, Sustainability, and Humanity. It continues to affirm its position as a leading real estate developer in Vietnam, appreciated and respected by customers.

Nam Cuong Corporation has made a significant mark on the market with a series of large-scale real estate projects, such as the Duong Noi Urban Area and Co Nhue Urban Area in Hanoi, Hoa Vuong Urban Area and Thong Nhat Urban Area in Nam Dinh City, the Cultural-Sports Area and New Eastern Urban Area, and the Western Urban Area in Hai Duong City, as well as the Nam Cuong Hotel system in Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Hanoi,...


Nam Cuong Hotels & Resorts is one of the leading hotel chains in Vietnam and is owned by Nam Cuong Corporation. Currently, three hotels are operational in Hai Phong, Hai Duong, and Nam Dinh provinces, with a total of nearly 700 hotel rooms and luxury apartments. Future hotel and resort projects in: Do Son, Hanoi, Phu Quoc, Phu Yen, Ha Giang will provide over 2,000 rooms, along with high-end villas, 5-star apartments, and a range of utility services to offer the best experiences for customers.

In the era of global integration, the corporation is actively engaging in cooperation, joint ventures, and partnerships with domestic and international partners to develop internationally recognized projects, contributing to the strong development and international stature of the country.

The Tray Hotel
47 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong
Nam Cuong Hai Duong Hotel
No. 01 Vo Nguyen Giap Avenue, Tu Minh Ward, Hai Duong City, Vietnam
Nam Cuong Nam Dinh Hotel
No. 538 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoa Vuong Ward, Nam Dinh City.


Established on October 28, 1998, The Tray Hotel is the first 4-star hotel in Hai Phong City. With its prime location at 47 Lach Tray, The Tray Hotel sits like the "heart" of the Port City, offering a picturesque view of Quan Ngua Lake, Lach Tray Stadium, and the vibrant city life.

When you stay at The Tray Hotel, you will immerse yourself in the fusion of Eastern culinary culture and the finest international cuisine at the 1998 Restaurant, Lighthouse Restaurant, and The Tray Coffee. But that's not all; we are delighted to provide our guests with a multitude of other exciting experiences.